Lazy Day Guilt

A couple of weeks ago I had a lazy day. Not on purpose, but mainly because a lot of the activities of that day were sedentary.

The boys were spending the weekend with my mother so the other half and I had no reason to get up on the Sunday. So we didn’t. Then, after mooching about in bed eating breakfast and checking out Facebook we went to the cinema. We saw Legend—which was awesome by the way!—and sat in the dark for two and a half hours watching Tom Hardy cast his magic on the screen.

Then we hopped straight in the car and drove for an hour and a half to collect the boys from my mother. After dinner there it was another 90 minute drive back. o.O

I did sod all walking, sod all exercise. Hell, because I got up so late I barely ate anything remotely related to actual healthy food. When I signed into Garmin and MyFitnessPal, all I could think was ‘what a shitty day that has been!’

But I think I need to ease off on the guilt. I’m hoping that writing this all down will help me with that.

The occasional ‘lazy’ day or ‘cheat’ day isn’t the end of the world (so long as it doesn’t become the norm). I would never plan a cheat day or decide, ‘today I’m going to eat what the hell I like and spend all day in my underwear’ because once I get into that habit it could be hard to break. But I am going to acknowledge that every now and then it will happen by accident. And that it’s okay.

It’s okay, Leah. Just so long as you get back to normal tomorrow, one day ‘off’ isn’t going to harm the worlds of good you’re doing for yourself otherwise. 🙂

man in a hammock
Credit: theyogre

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