Healthy Switch: Crackers And Cheese

I love crackers and cheese. It’s one of my favourite snacks.

Tescos water biscuits or Jacobs crackers, slathered with butter (salted of course) and topped with (huge) wedges of the strongest cheese I can find.

I remember when I was younger, I used to love making myself a plate of four crackers: grating the cheese and then doing a fifth on top. I’d carefully work my way through them, until the last which usually had the most cheese on. Heaven.

Somewhere along the line, five crackers turned into six, into eight, into twelve. Now . . . if I have a plate of crackers and cheese, it’s usually stacked two deep with enough cheese to feed me, my sons and my other half.

Bad. Bad, bad, bad!

know this is wrong and I know it’s damaging me. All that fat (cheese is MEGA fatty) and sooooooo many carbs in one large hit . . . it’s a wonder I can move after I eat it.

I’m pleased to say that since paying more attention to what goes into my mouth that both the quantity and frequency of this snack has reduced significantly. But I’ve gone one step further and, with this entry I begin a sporadic selection of posts called ‘Healthy Switch’ in which I talk about what I used to eat and how I changed it into something a little healthier.

Today’s switch:


Crackers and cheese becomes Ryvita slices covered in light Philadelphia and topped with two slices of ham, shredded and shared across the four slices. I also had some apple in there because I was particularly hungry. I’m not entirely certain why I put the Pilgrims Choice in the picture, because I didn’t have any that day. o.O Maybe because I fed it to the children . . . meh . . . anyway, how’s that for a substitute?

And I tell something: it’s probably the most delicious substitute I’ve made so far. And I don’t need much of it either. Something about the texture of the Ryvita forces me to eat it slowly, meaning where I’d usually have twelve or fifteen crackers, four of these things is more than enough for me.

Not bad going, right? ^_^

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