Day Eight: Not Feeling It >.<

Maybe I need earlier nights again. Maybe I really have just plateaued. Whatever it is, I just couldn’t gather the energy and enthusiasm today.


Had to drag myself out of bed, peddle wearily in and, when I got there, the only working elliptical machine was no longer working. -_- I switched to the treadmill to get some swift walking in then substituted with the rowing machine, but I really wasn’t feeling that either.


Actually, more than anything, I did weights today.

Not bad, I guess, but I think the best part of today’s session was the coming home. Even peddling up that bloody hill and ducking three more idiot drivers who have no idea what a give way line means.

Heh, reading back over that even I can see I’m pissed off.

Sorry folks. Hopefully, I’ll be back to normal come Wednesday. I blame the weather: it always makes me miserable and mardy.

On the bright side, that hill ride IS getting easier and I have been to the gym today. That is a success, even if I just want to crawl back into bed.

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