Day Six: Bored Now

Well that didn’t take long. 😦

bored face
Credit: Steren

Yep. Woke up at 7.10am and was on the road by 7.16am. On the elliptical by 7.31am. I knew as soon as I got there that I would rather be in bed. That the ‘honeymoon’ is over and that I needed to do something (and must now continue to do) to make sure that I do actually go and get that hour of exercise.

wpid-dsc_1855.jpgFirst up: push harder on the elliptical. I doubled the time I usually spend on it and pushed it to the highest resistance I have so far. There’s only so long that method will work to keep me engaged but for now it will have to do. I think, once I start to see some progress on scales and in my clothes, I’ll be more absorbed, but until that point this gym thing is becoming a chore.

Next thing: ensure I have a podcast to listen to. Music just isn’t going to cut it any more—I can listen to music whenever I like—but a podcast . . . that’s something else.

My brain is always (always) occupied. I’m usually doing something that requires attention so it’s difficult to schedule in listening to podcasts, despite the fact that I’ve wanted to do so for a long time. But mindlessly running/jogging/walking/pushing weights is perfect. I don’t have to think about what I’m doing so I can focus on what people are saying in my ears. Not only does it pass the time a bit faster, but it feels like work. So I can work while I work out.

That is going to be how I get through the next six months.

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