Day Four: Hitting My Stride

I’m sick. 😦

I have an appalling cold and have sneezed pretty much solid since Wednesday (okay, that’s an exaggeration, but you know what I mean). Snotty bubbles, blocked sinuses and general lethargy—the things I normally have to deal with—are just not so bad this time.

I’m telling myself, with conviction (!) that this is to do with better sleep patterns, exercise and healthier food choices (so long as we disregard last night’s dinner *ahem*). I don’t know if it’s true, but who cares? I’m not laid out in bed, I’m not low and miserable and I’ve done another day at the gym.

I got up late this morning, so I had to cut out my second round on the weights machines, but I still crammed in two rounds of good, elevated heart rate cardio. I even pushed harder on the treadmill, taking the speed to the highest yet at 7 kph. Obviously, compared to someone who actually runs, that’s crap all, but that was a great feeling of accomplishment for me and it brought my average up wonderfully. I couldn’t keep it up for longer than a minute and a half, but the little high energy bursts were certainly visible in my final figures.

Treadmill figures 2015-09-11
On da treadmill!

The other fun thing was increasing the weights I use. Not by much, but I wanted to feel a little bit of a burn as I went into the second set of reps for each muscle group. I won’t go much beyond that now—I don’t want huge muscles, I just want toning—but it’s nice to know I can do it if I need to.

My weights
Rawr! I iz mighty!

Lastly, a good round on the elliptical (which is my clear favourite) at the highest resistance yet. And again, I could have and wanted to go longer, but I just didn’t have the time. Maybe next week when the other half doesn’t have to rush off to work, I can push a bit further and see what my limit is before I really have to stop.

The elliptical trainer 2015-09-11
The elliptical

One thing I did notice about today is that the time went much faster. I think this is to do with listening to podcasts as I worked, rather than music. I actually had something to focus on and the topics were incredibly interesting. If you’re curious, I listened to episodes from this and this show).

I think, in future, I’ll do a bit more of that: listening to podcasts as I workout. Not only does it keep me from watching the time , but I can also count it as work, which is great for my sense of multitasking. If that goes well, I may even sign up for Audible, something I’ve been considering for a while.

Bye for now!

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