Day Three: Getting Easier?

Quite aside from the dismal night of sleep I got last night (poorly child, frightened child, child with nightmares, dreams I had to write down—y’know I’m a writer, right?) it was strangely easy to get up and go. Like before I had everything laid out ready for me. All I had to do was get dressed, hop on the bike and walk out the door.

Never in my life did I believe this was something I could do, but again, it’s strange what having little-to-no time can do for you. I’m sure I’ve said before, but if I don’t go in the morning, before the boys are awake, then I just won’t go. Simple as.

Today, started on the treadmill. More running, though it seemed tougher today. I didn’t run for as long but I kept up a speedy pace for the whole 16 minutes. That says to me that it is easier, but outwardly tougher because I’m pushing myself harder. That seems to make sense. Then some weights machines, the elliptical trainer and back to the weights.

The elliptical trainer capped 15mins and then started off again to which I replied 'Oh HELL no . . . I'm done on this one!'
The elliptical trainer capped 15mins and then started off again with a fresh goal, to which I replied ‘Oh HELL no . . . I’m done on this one!’ Much to the amusement of the chap on the treadmill beside me.

I’m starting to recognise people too. All men, of varying ages with very clear agendas. There are the young twenty-somethings clearly there for nothing other than to bulk up and ‘get ripped’ and then the fifties-to-sixties just trying to keep fit and stave off healthy problems related to mobility and poorly hearts. Then, in the middle, there are the thirty-to-forty somethings who flit from machine to machine, try to lift 50lbs and panic when they realise they can’t and that someone might be watching.

It’s interesting in there.

I wish I could talk more about the women, but apparently, at that time of day, I’m the only one. All the others are clearly doing the school run. 😉

Who knows . . . maybe next year, when the boys start reception classes (unless they don’t?) I’ll actually be able to do the school run, at a run.

A third of that time was at a run. I iz pleased!

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