Well That Was New ^_^

Gym day!

Saturday’s plan shunted back to today (since the place actually opened at 7am).

Woke up at 6.35am, gave up on going back to sleep and crept out of a (mostly) silent house. A glooooooooorious ride in the gentle sunshine to the gym and I’m on the elliptical trainer by 7.27am. I did 15 minutes on that bad boy. And it felt great! Followed by weight machines, rowing machine, step machine (fuck me, that thing is hard work!) and then treadmill.

Now . . . I’ve always been frightened of treadmills. I’ve seen enough comedy footage of people shooting off the end amidst the shrieking cat-calls of their Adonis-like peers. But I started slowly, with a ten minute programme designed to get me into that fat burning, elevated heart rate zone. But three minutes in, I’m thinking: This is just like walking with the pram up the hill to the house.’

So I increased the speed. Then a bit more. A bit more. More. Some more.

Suddenly I’m not walking at all, I’m jogging.


jogging boy
Credit: johnny_automatic

My face was dripping with sweat, my boobs were all over the place—note to self: sports bra!—but I was jogging. Three minutes later I was still jogging. Another minute later . . . still jogging(!).

It was amazing and not something I ever thought I’d be able to do ever. Ever.

I slowed down after that, not quite because I had to but because I was nearing the end of the hour I allowed myself down there and knew I had to cool down a little before getting onto my bike for the ride home. But I spent twelve minutes on that thing and travelled the equivalent distance of a kilometre.

My treadmill stats
Sorry it’s so fuzzy. Apparantly it’s hard to focus a camera phone while on the run. Who knew? :p

I’m so proud of myself. ^_^ What’s more, that hill half way along the ride home that usually forces me off the bike to walk? Nailed it. Cycled all the way up and only stopped for traffic lights, pedestrians and idiot drivers who seem to think cyclists don’t matter.

Now I’m home and I’m buzzing. I’ve no idea if I can keep doing this, or even if I’m going to pass out later today, but right now, in this moment, I feel pretty freaking brilliant.

Later today, after I drop the boys off, I’ll go to town, so I’ll update all my stats after I’ve been on the machine at boots to get the measurements. But so far, so good.

Gym No. 2 down and complete. ^_^

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