Feel The Burn?

My legs hurt. A lot.

My Facebook yesterday talked about my knees crunching, though I’m not sure that it’s my knees so much as the last shreds of my soul crumbling from the weight of such an insurmountable task.

. . . what? I like words.

Anyway, I’m in pain.

My solution was, at 10 am, to run a tonne of errands, with the boys in tow. First stop: the park!

Mah bois
Mah bois

I wouldn’t mention this, but the park we went to has a little outdoor gym attached to it. I don’t know if these things are widely spread yet, but there are all sorts of different things you can try out to improve fitness, flexibility and strength. And it’s all free! All you need do is be there and use it—or fight someone else to use it, but that’s another story.

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I was able to get a good half our of swinging, jogging, crunching and extending while the boys played on the swings, roundabouts and slides. Not bad, eh?

But I’m not done. I then walked to the shop to pick up my new cycling helmet and then all the way into town to give the boys some lunch. Granted, I did have a Mc Donald’s when we got there, but would you believe me if I told you it was mainly so the boys could have another crack at getting the Mario and Luigi toys they wanted from their Happy Meals? Well, believe or not, as you please, that was the case. I didn’t even eat my whole meal . . . for some reason I’m just not feeling the fast food these days. Not that that’s a bad thing!

Anyway, I’m home now and I thought I’d give you this quick update because what I really want to do is lie down. But first look at my shiny! Look, look! It’s sooooo purrdy!


It’s a Garmin Vivo activity tracker and I’ve been wearing it since 4.30pm yesterday. The figure you see in the picture is the number of steps I’ve taken today. Not bad, right? Given that I have a hip pedometer from Argos (£4.99 and not totally rubbish if you want something cheap) I’ve held off on the activity tracker for a couple of weeks (even though I’ve wanted one for about a year). But when it became clear that the pedometer wasn’t even pretending to count my actual steps, I thought the time had come to sort it out.

My Vivo is from eBay, refurbished by Garmin and a whole lot cheaper than a brand new one. And so far, no problems.

I’m looking forward to seeing the difference it makes having this thing on my wrist. So far, I’ve noticed that if the inactivity bar does show up (which it did a few times last night) the competitive side of me insists that I walk around until it goes away. So, in that regard, I guess it’s doing the job. We’ll just have to see what follows as time goes on.

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2 thoughts on “Feel The Burn?

  1. Well done you! I’m in London for a few days, and have done far to much walking today, over ten miles, 25,194 steps. Got my poor feet up now, as my lower legs are burning, and a bit swollen. Three miles is my usual daily total.

    I’ve been gradually building my distance up, and do more at the weekends, when I’m not sat behind a desk so much.

    P.S. You are not alone – I hate gyms too. 😦


    1. ^_^ Funny isn’t it? The aches and the pains that come from lots of walking. But surely, long, long ago, that’s all we did! Horses—if you could afford one—or else you were on foot wherever you wanted to go. Either we’re far too used to the convience of hopping into a vehicle, or, as time has progressed, we just go further than we used to on a regular basis.

      Hmm . . . maybe both!

      Hope you feet feel a little better soon. ^_^


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