I Went To The Gym . . . And I’m Not Dead(!)

Yep. My first day at the gym and . . . I actually feel pretty good. ^_^

I had my induction last Thursday and today was the first day I’ve managed to get back to the sport centre. -_- Not ideal, but I’m sure I can work around that, right? Right?!

Anyway . . . I had my induction with a very nice (and kinda cute) man named Karl who took a bunch of measurements (all of which made me feel awful) and told me what our plan is going to be. I have six months of free use at all the city gyms following a referral from my GP and in those six months, we (I say, we, but really, I mean ‘I’) want to reduce both BMI and weight on the scales.

The plan (!) is to avoid all the fancy workout regimens and all the posh programmes on the machines in the gym and stick to one thing: heart rate.

dumbells from openclipart
Credit: gsagri04

According to Karl, the body begins using fat as energy when the heart rate is elevated to a certain level. At that point, rather than using what you’ve just eaten, your body will begin to pick at the stores of fat all over your body (but not in specific areas . . . sorry folks!) and use them for energy. As time progresses, the body becomes more efficient at using those fat stores and, at the same time, less fat is stored on the body because, with regular movement, those fats don’t need to be stored. They’re going to be used super fast!

Half an hour four times a week of high energy exercise, with the heart rate elevated and held nice and high while working other parts of the body. In this way, not only will I be burning off fat, but I’ll be toning all the other muscles that are moving at the same time.

Hmm. Sounds good to me.

So after a week of dithering and trying to decide when I would ‘fit it in’ I dropped the boys off at nursery and wrestled my bike from the shed. I cycled the 1.5 miles to the gym, dropped my stuff off in the lockers and got to work.

I had intended to listen to a couple of podcasts while I was working, but apparently the upload to my phone didn’t work this morning. No matter, because I did have an entertaining mix of music to listen to, including, but not restricted to Bo Burnham, Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, Weird Al Yankovic, Meghan Trainor and Blackstreet. Yeeah, how’s that for an ecclectic mix?

woman on exercise bike
Credit: SteveLambert

Anyway I used the elliptical trainer, a treadmill, a step machine and a bunch of weight machine thingies I don’t know the name of.

I only intended to work out for about half an hour, since the cycle home is all uphill. But an hour later I was still raring to go! I couldn’t believe it. I made myself stop anyway, knowing full well that the cycle back would be yet another work out on top, but I’m pleasantly surprised at the experience.

No leering men (or women) as far as I saw, no butch muscle-building types flexing their abs and drawing on their pecs . . . just a bunch of old(er) men and women doing exactly what I was: doing their best to be healthy.

So . . . one session down, I’m not dead and I’m kinda pleased.

I’ll be back again when I’ve managed to do another session (or when I have something interesting to say on the subject of weight loss, health and fitness).

line break

Time At Gym: 60 mins
Height: 5’6.8 (1.70m)
Weight: 124.5kg (19st 6lbs)
BMI: 43

Looks like I got plenty to be getting on with. 😉

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